poniedziałek, 29 czerwca 2015


I'm so excited to show you my newest mixed media project. I created a small canvas. I'd like to show you that you don't need many fancy tools or products to create a mixed media background. Use some paper bits, coffee stain and here you go...

First, I applied Modeling Paste through a Lace stencil. It took me just a short moment to dry the texture with heating gun.

My next step was to cover my piece with a layer of Heavy White Gesso. Next, I started layering my doilies and paper paper from Sunrise Sunset collection – I cut it into small pieces that I stapled together.
I used plenty of paper scraps, some cut-outs and other leftovers which I could find on my desk.

Then, I added a thin coat of gesso.

I glued all my elements in the desired place. I added some Mechanicals embellishments to complete my composition. When everything was dry I picked stamps form Vintage Vanity collection.

For my final touches, I added some color using a tea bag, strong coffee and couple drops of red ecoline. 

Big hugs!

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  1. Monika, it´s breathtaking!! Love everything about it!! The colour mood and the texture is awesome!!

  2. Gorgeous canvas Monika !!! Fabulous background, colours and texture are sublime!! Big hugs.

  3. Dodatek czerwieni w tej pracy jest postawieniem kropeczki nad i...Rewelacja!


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