sobota, 30 maja 2015

collect moments

Probably, you know, that I love pink… do you know why? In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay. So, today I'd like to show you my newest pink project. It's for someone special, that leaves a beautiful mark on my mind.

I created a journal page starting with simple craft envelope.

1. First – as always – I reached for Heavy White Gesso. 2 and 3. After that, I added a new stamps from the Net and Wire set. I used black and red Archival Ink. 4. My next layer was Opaque Matte Modeling Paste and Weaving stencil. 

Then, I added some paper tapes from Tim Holtz, my favorite die cut Prima doilies and some more papers. I glued everything using Soft Matte Gel and when it dried, I covered the whole project with a layer of White Gesso to get it ready for all the paints and sprays. 

Then, it was time for Glimmer Mists - delicious combination of  Pink Taffy, Viva Pink, Cosmos and white ecoline. I'm always very spontaneous with the mists never trying to be super precise. And I simply let my imagination run free! When everything dried, I reached for all the metal embellishments that I love so much. 

For my final touches, without being too precise, I stamped the senitments from Messy stamp and Tea on the deck, background from cheese stamp. I also used a butterfly stamp from Don't forget to fly set. 

I hope I inspired you to create your own art journal page.

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  1. Rewelacyjna praca...I przy okazji dowiedziałam się , o co chodzi z tym różowym( ja też kocham : ))

  2. What a beautiful mess! Thanks for sharing!


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