niedziela, 1 września 2019

Art Daily No. 7 & Wanderlust 2020

The inner child is that part of me who wants to play, who wants to dance and rock out to the music, who wants to lie in the sun and just be. I try to remember that fun does not stop at adulthood and there is no reason I should disconnect from my inner child. Unfortunately my life for last months leaves so little time for meandering and exploring. But I know that it will be back because there is something really exhilarating about releasing my inner child. My imagination comes alive, the world looks and smells different, and I just feel better.


Who’s craving a year full of mixed-media celebration? Would you like to dive into the free process of creating art alongside me and 26 other Teachers on Wanderlust 2020? We are celebrating the fifth anniversary of this year-long online course, and I am excited to announce that I’ll be contributing a lesson. Jump on board right now, and you’ll get Wanderlust 2020 at the exceptional Early Bird Price. But hurry, because these special spaces are limited. Follow the link to find out more and sign up: